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School Code: 66479        Affiliation Code:  3430280

D.A.V. Babhne is one of the best Educational Institutes comparison of rest of the other reputed educational institutes. It provides all necessary teaching material as well as the healthy environment which is very essential in this existing scenario. We focus on the studies of students to make them one step ahead from the competition and to make their future brighter. At D.A.V we are passionate about grooming leaders who are good human beings with values and sanskars. This is just one of the many reasons, why we are best in comparison to our competitors.Our mission at DAV School is to promote high academic expectations, and create an environment where the school community grows into peace building disciples and productive citizens.DAV School is proud to offer a strong academic program along with a complete offering of extra curricular programs to suit the various needs and interests of our students.The main objective of this institution is to give the students a refined outlook with utmost discipline and deep dedication in the pursuit of knowledge. This institution also pays attention to the following:
1.To nurture the growth of young child to become self reliant, self respecting and self confident person. 
2.To create in a child an innate sense of individuality, sense of curiosity and explorations, initiative and creativity. 
3.It tries to maintain a health regard for its elders, traditions and country. 
4.It tries to make a child a desired human being ,a fit member of the community with a sense of respect and appreciation for everyone and everything around her/him. 
5.It tries to inculcate in a child the qualities like modesty, tolerance, compassion, patriotism and generosity. 
6.Last but not the least ,this institution always aims at the all round development of an individual with an integrated growth of physical, mental, emotional and moral being.